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im only 32 years old and im experiencing difficulty on my life now due to my condition

i had appendectomy 14 years ago, i had appendiscitis

ive been experiencing recurrent uti for 3 years, for 3 years i took antibiotics most of the time, if i stop taking antibiotics my uti comes back again, my doctor diagnosed me that i have interstitial cystitis(inflammation of the bladder) so tgother with the supplement i take anti inflammatory drugs such as ibufrofen and mefenamic acid, i also took diffrent supplements because according to my research these supplements has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, i took them because i want to switch to natural remedy instead of taking synthethic medicines theses are grapeseed extract, garlic oil, wheat grass, green barley, vitamin e, placenta, omega 3, moringa, gotu kola, corn silk, i tried almost everything, ive been experiencing constipation some times too

recently im having a severe pain, the pain started 6 months ago but it just a little pain on my lower right abdomen but it was not severe during that time, i also felt some stining pain on my lower right abdomen, i had an ulrasound on july and everything seems to be normal, then the doctor advised me to have kub ivp to check up my kidneys and the result is negative, my kidneys are okay, just because of these findings i ignored my illness, im still taking softgel supplements(grapeseed and garlic oil) while taking antibiotics(levofloxacin) during that time, the doctor pressed my right lower abdomen and it hurts alot

a friend told me to try bee propolis because it healed her cysts, so i tried it the fermented bee propolis, it was good the pain subsided but the effect on my bladder is bad, it irritates my bladder because it is made from rum, the doctor told me to avoid alcohol because it will irritate my bladder, so i stopped taking it, during that time im laready feeling burning sensations on my stomach but i t was on my right abdomen only, it comes and goes but not severe

here i am after 3 months, suffering with the intense pain and intense burning sensation, now it radiates on my back, the burning pain on my whole abdomen and back just started last week and its getting worse, i feel it everyday, most of the time, it feel lke my abdomen is on fire, the liitle stinging pain is now bigger i feel like a sharp ice pick stabs my stomach, it comes and it goes and i can really wear jeans  or tight clothes because if my stomach is pressed it hurts so bad, even if i press it gently its still painful and my abdomen is getting bigger and bigger now i look like a 6 months preganant woman, the uti remains, constipation getting worse, indigestion, even if i eat a litlle my stomach is really bloated i eat only oatmeal twice a day, and half cup of rice for lunch, i can feel the pressure on my stomach

i need help now i need to know what is this illness? im really clueless, what are the causes of this illness? is it because of taking antibiotics every now and then for 3 years? or the oil based supplement that i took before?



I was browsing this page and saw this link:

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Read each section and see which one best applies to you.

This has been the most helpful to me so far...

Hope you're ok (since it's been a few months since you wrote that post)

All the best