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Hi, I feel like my tongue is swollen right down my neck and its making me choke. It sometimes feel like the walls of my throat are touching my tongue and it makes me cough really bad.

I have no soreness just a feels all swollen, no trouble eating or drinking, my tongue just feels too big.

Has anyone ever hear of this?


Had you taken any antibiotics like Bactrim? I just had the same thing happen to me. It came on about the 3rd day about 2 hours after taking my pill. I slowly felt my throat and tongue getting sore, then it became so inflamed I could hardly breath. The back of my tongue and my throat felt like someone had poured a cup of boiling water down them. I went online with these symptoms as it was a Saturday meaning Doctor Office and Pharmacy were closed. I typed in these symptoms and it appears that I am allergic to Sulfa based drugs. I drank tons of water to flush my system and didn't take another pill. They should make you sign a waiver that these things are possible. I am going to contact an attorney and take pictures of my throat. It has deep red marks that ache. I have been off the antibiotics for 2 days now. My tongue still feels inflamed, my throat aches, and I can't eat.