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I was out Friday night and around half midnight, 1 am ish i started to feel really sick, dizzy and i couldn't see properly. I'd only had about half the amount i ususally drink on a night out, plus i'd only been out about 2 hours.
My mum thought i'd had my drink spiked but over the past few days i've been feeling really ill, mainly in my throat area. A few days before i went out i'd discovered a lump on one of my tonsils that looks just like a piece of the tonsil (it's the same colour and i can see veins on it).

Yesterday i was feeling drowsy, had a sore throat and kept getting shooting pains and back spasms.

Today my throat feels awful. I can't take deep breaths (i haven't been able to for several days) and i feel like i have something lodged in my throat (the feeling you get when a tablet is stuck in your throat).

Sorry about the long list of symptoms, i doubt they're all related but i was wondering if anyone had suffered from the same sort of symptoms.

If my drink was spiked, does anyone know of any drugs that would have lasted this long or caused this problem, or could it be totally unrelated. I'm just listing all the ailments that seem to have cropped up in the past 3 or 4 days.

Can anyone help?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I Have the same problem except my throat tingles and then burns im 13 ndd i feel like i cant breathe sometime my throat is killing me but i dont have Any symtoms of the flu and i have a lump on my neck on the right side by the pulse part like right below my jaw bone i need help idk what to do????. i need some1 to tell me what to do... i dont want to go to the doctor so please reply some 1?

But to the message ubove me idk what to tell you?


I dont know it is hard for me to breathe and and when i Breathe is like a tigling sensation over and over again. I fell like if I eat i will choke and if i drink water some of it wouldnt go in :!: :( :( :cry: :cry: