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Hello, I am a 16 year old, recently sexually active female. Me and my boyfriend have sex roughly every day, except maybe one or twice a week. We don't use protection, but he does pull out. Most of the time, he doesn't even cum. A couple of weeks ago, I had gotten a UTI. I had gotten a severe pain in my lower right abdomen. Shortly after that, I started having all the symptoms of a UTI, including pain after urination, blood spotting, discharge, and frequent urge to pee. A friend of mine recently had a UTI and had given me some pills. She instructed me to take them twice a day for ten days, of which I only took them for 7, assuming that, since I didn't feel the symptoms anymore, the infection was gone. Around two days ago, at night, I started feeling the urge to pee although I knew I didn't have to for around two hours. Two days later, today, the symptoms have progressed. I constantly have to pee, there was a good amount of blood in my urine, and it somewhat burns after I urinate. My questions are: Does this sound like a frequent UTI problem that I should go see a doctor for? Can I take the same pills I took last time I got a UTI? Is that safe? What can I do to PREVENT this happening to me again? Please keep in mind, simply seeing a doctor for a different medication is out of the question considering I would much rather my mother not know I'm sexually active. Help, please. Any help is greatly appreciated.




By the sounds of it you may have an infection. There's nothing more you can do other than go straight too your GP. These problems left untreated can turn nasty.

By the sounds of it you may also need too perform a pregnancy test. Unprotected sex is bad, even if he does 'pull out', because pre-cum CAN (doesn't always) contain sperm - an amount of such too cause pregnancy. I don't mean too scare you, but it's worth checking out. 

You can go too your GP and your mum does NOT have too know - as you're over 16. 


I hope all is well soon, 


Hope I've helped.