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I have been having very heavy brown and back discharge. I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. I never got my period. I have noticed that my appetite has been a lot smaller than normal and j have noticed that my breasts have gotten larger. I have also been cramping and having some lower back pain. The black discharge has been going for 2 eeeks. I am pretty concerned at this point. I'm guessing either miscarriage, pregnancy, or some type of infection. Wondering if anyone could give me any certainty of what they think it is.


Hi Guest,

How late is your period and when did you test?  Did you use your first morning urine?  It can make a difference in the results.

Black discharge is blood.  Sometimes it can happen around the time of your period.  It may happen around ovulation or implantation too.

But, it can also indicate an infection OR there may be an object, old condom or a piece of a tampon, remaining in your vagina.

See your doctor.  Any change in vaginal discharge color should be investigated. 

Good luck.