I am 24 years old and recently married. I went on birth control on August 14 and skipped the non-active pills for my first pack. I had breakthrough bleeding starting on September 17 and lasted until September 26. It was very light but it occurred around the same time my period would normally have started (my menstrual cycle lasts between 33-35 days). I had sexual intercourse numerous times with my husband and they were all unprotected (and he did ejaculate). Starting on October 10 I had brown discharge that lasted until the 12th. I assumed that it was the beginning of my cycle, which was due and I was taking the inactive pills, but then it just stopped. It wasn't even enough to have to wear a pad or tampon it was mainly just there when I wiped after using the bathroom. Concerned that I was pregnant, I have had headaches, nausea, and tender breasts, and bloating which are all common for me around my time of the month, I took a pregnancy test which came back negative. On Friday the 17, concerned that I still haven't gotten a period I took another one that again came back negative. I still have not had a period and stopped taking my birth control all together because I still "feel" like I could be pregnant. What do you think????