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I have irregular cycle but theyre always around 30-40 days apart My last normal period was October 14th. I was expecting my period by thanksgiving. A few days after thanksgiving, still no signs of a period, I had some light pink spotting when I wiped once that day. Then a few days later, the same thing. AND THEN, from December 5th, I had this light brownish tan discharge. It wasn't like the dark brown blood you get when your on your period. It was like old brown blood mixed with normal discharge which mad it a light tannish color.... This lasted about for weeks til the end of December, and would be present when I wiped and sometimes it would be in my underwear. That has never happened to me. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Absolutely no second line. I didn't use first morning urine, but I'm guessing that that wouldn't be in issue because I'd be far along enough for any urine to show up positive, right? So was that four weeks of spotting a period then? Even if it was, I would be late again anyways by now since it's February 18th.. Ugh I'm so confused... What do you think is going on? Thank you so much for your answers. Also, I've had no pregnancy symptoms. Was that brown spotting a period if not what could cause that?


From personal experience, I called that brownish flow, a 'pre-period'. It was accompanied by alot of cramping and pain. It has happened a few times. It seems to have happened as I approached my mid-30's. I don't think you should worry, but it doesn't hurt to see your physician to voice your concerns. I can say that it hasn't happened since I changed my diet and took on more walking for exercise. I hope this eases your mind.