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I have been reading about vitamins, minerals and drugs.
Most Vitamins are being made from petroleum products - yes good old hydrocarbons to make us healthy... :'(
The minerals are synthetic.
And let us not forget "Big Pharma's" poisons.
Our water systems have "Chlorine", yes good old bleach in it. Years ago the bleach bottle had the skull and cross bones symble on it to denote that it was poison, what ever happen to that. maybe since we drink it everyday it is no longer poison... o.O
DDT was declared to be cancerous many years ago, but to date the science has never surfaced to prove that.... maybe because it does not exsist.. XD

Our government poisons our water with chlorine and maybe some flouride all in the name of good health. Toothpaste contans flouride which is also a poison. All of our fruits and vegetables are sprayed with poison to kill the bugs that plag them. Then the root systems absorbs these poison so that we can ingest them. Our meat producers pump hormones into the animals so that they get bigger faster to make them more money, and we get all of these hormones when we eat the meat.

To summarize; we are poisoned to make us sick and then fed more poison to make us well, and fed hydrocarbons to make us healthy.

It is all about the money folks. 200 years ago 85% of our people were farmers and our food supply was healthy, and our water was safe to drink. Today less that 15% are farmers, our food supply is tainted with hormones and poisons, and our water supply is poisoned. Our people are dying of very horrible deaths. Rather than cure cancer with apricots seeds (unpatentable medicine) we poison the patient with "Kemo".

If you search the internet you can fine all the information to you need to support your position "FOR" or "Against" what ever you want to believe. So where do we go for the truth? Or maybe I should say "Whos Truth?" Who do we trust?

Rob & Doll


This is an interesting post. I did notice a couple inaccuracies that I would like to point out though. Chlorine is not the same as bleach, and I am not certain as to how many water systems actually have chlorine in it. I think that a lot of times we get to feeling like everyone around us is getting sick with cancer, but if you think about it, it's because a lot of people are living longer than they ever have before. The average lifespan compared to the turn of the last century is now double what it was. I do understand your frustration however.


Disinfection kills bacteria and other microorganisms. Chlorination is the most common method. Other disinfection systems use ultraviolet light or ozone. These are not as readily available for home use.

Continuous chlorination systems consist of a chemical metering device that feeds chlorine in sufficient amounts to kill bacteria. Chlorine must be in contact with water at least 1 minute to kill all bacteria. A chlorine residual of about 3 to 5 parts per million should remain to indicate that disinfection is complete. Typical chlorine feed rates are about 1 cup of 5 percent laundry bleach per 300 gallons of water. This rate depends on water temperature, pH, and pumping rate. Use an inexpensive chlorine residual kit to determine if the feed rate should be adjusted up or down to obtain the proper chlorine residual. If chlorine taste is a problem, use a carbon filter to remove excess chlorine from drinking water.

This states my case and is taken from the website of a company that sell equipment for water systems.


I see that, but it looks like what they are referring to in that case is using chlorine to help disinfect water for home use. If you noticed, they had other methods that they mentioned in the article on how to disinfect water as well. I hope that you don't feel like I am being argumentative because I am not attempting to be--mostly I am trying to understand what you mean. But it is true that there are several water sources in the US that are completely untreated that people can drink.


Your post are fine. My intention is to get folks to wake up and really pay attention to our government and medical community feeding us poisons in the name of good health. Take asthma as an example, it was almost unheard of 150 years ago, today it brings in billions of dollars to the medical community and according to them is not curable. But they do treat it with more poisons killing folks every year. They could be actually curing them "Holelistically without poisons. Oh yes, they can not patent the cure, so it is no good...$$$$$ must not forget the money. :-(
Google: Truth About Asthma
There you will find that this is not true. You will also discover that the medical community has been killing patients with their poisons, but no one has gone to jail for it. This is criminal and no one cares.
People need to wake up and pay attention. The government needs to apply the brakes to the FDA and medical community and to hold them accountable. Joe citizen is always held accountable.

The disinformation put out by the drug companies, FDA, and others as well as the efforts to suppress good information. Doctors are trained to believe that only the drug company has a cure, which they do not have. Most doctors do not believe in "Holistic Medicine". They are taught that if it does not come from "Big Pharma" then it does not exsist. Many oncoligest would not take "KEMO", but it is okay to give it to their patients. Again this is criminal and who is doing something about it?

I have traveled accross the USA (RVing) and many water systems are treated with "Chlorine" which is a poison. I can smell the chlorine in many cities water systems. I have charcoal filters to clean as much Chlorine out of the water as I can. Not just the water I drink, but all the water, because our bodies also absorb chemicals through the pores of our skin when we bathe.