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This is our second interview in a row. This time I had the pleasure to correspond with winner of our Supporter of the Month Vote Contest. I would like to thank medic-dan for having this interview with me and to thank him for being with us on the board. Your help here on is highly appreciated.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm married, have a son in his senior year in high school. I've been an EMT since 2000, a paramedic since 2006. I work for three different services, two are "volunteer" and the third is my "real" job.

2. In your profile and your username it says that you are medic. Can you tell us something about your job?
Basically when we get on scene we "triage" the patient and then establish initial patient care. We work under the direction of our Medical Director and follow statewide treatment protocols. We do establish IV's, intubate if necessary, and administer some drugs. Basically, we bring the ER to the scene.

3. What do you enjoy about the forum the most?
I don't usually get to answer a lot of questions when I'm with a patient that aren't really pertinent to the issue at hand. Since most of the board questions aren't "emergencies" I get to spend some time thinking about different ideas. It helps me to understand what concerns people have, especially teens/young adults and also encourages me to look up more on the different body systems.

4. How much does participating in SteadyHealth discussions take of your daily time?
Some days I can sit at the computer all day if it's not busy at work. Other days maybe an hour or so. I do try to check the site a couple of times a day.

5. What section of the forum do you find most interesting?
I usually start with the recent posts then drift into the Men's health or Teen health sections. I basically check out anything that looks interesting.

6. Is there anything you don't like about the SteadyHealth community, something that makes you angry or something you would change or would like to add?
No. I just wish more people would let us know when we've helped them out. Sometimes they post a question and you never hear back.

7. What moves you to come to SteadyHealth every day?
Helping others.

8. Have you made any friends since you joined this community?
I think so. We've never met but a lot of us support each others ideas and work together to help the poster.

9. Would you suggest to others to share knowledge on SteadyHealth discussion boards?
I do.

10. Do you have a message for our members and visitors?
Yes, I've said this in a lot of my posts. Please don't think that everything is cancer. It seems that especially the younger posters assume that right away it is cancer. I let them know that there are often many other causes of their symptoms that are not signs of cancer. I also wish that more people would use birth control or some form of protection, to reduce their worries about pregnancy and also about STD's.


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I think people do appreciate your time on Steady, but yeah, it bothers me too when I see a helping post on boards and no reply saying thank you or at least saying I've tried that and didn't help or saying whatever in return ...
But I think most people do appreciate your time and your replies!


These interviews are great! I enjoy reading them. Dark Red, and Medic-Dan, you are both great posters on this site, and I'm sure well appreciated by others.

-Canadian Girl