This time I had a chance to do an interview with another SteadyHealth member, kingfreze. He is from UK and he gave us his opinion on health systems in US and UK. I hope that you will enjoy reading this as much as I did.
Kingfreze than you for participating and for making our community a better place.

1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a Final Year University student in England studying Computing. When I’m not working on that, my hobbies are sports in general really and I’m a football (soccer) referee, which is good fun (well most of the time anyway as you can probably imagine )

2. You have mentioned once to me that you are studying computers. Could you tell us a little more about this?
Yes, I’m in the final year of a 3-year computing degree. It pretty much covers everything in the subject like websites, databases, communications and more. I enjoy what I do and if there was any advice I could give to anybody considering starting University, pick a subject you enjoy – it makes the whole experience a lot easier.

3. What do you enjoy about the forum the most?
Just to be able to share my health experiences and help other people through their current problems. Also the people on the forum are such a friendly bunch and it makes it more enjoyable.

4. How much does participating in SteadyHealth discussions take of your daily time?
I tend to spend about an hour a week just searching through the forum for questions I can help with, but at other times as soon as I get an email about a response I’ll come back and follow it up straight away because I don’t like to keep anybody waiting if they’ve got another question.

5. On what section of the forum do you spend your time the most?

I spend most of my time on the Penile Disorders forum in the Men’s Health section, basically because this is where I feel I can help the most. I’ve been through phimosis and did a lot of research into circumcision and I like to share what I learnt from it. If you’ve been around a while and read a few of my posts you’ll notice that I have some strong views on circumcision, especially the circumcision of healthy children.

Other forums I use a bit include the Teenage Problems forum, which whilst having some similar questions to the penile disorders forum, I feel I can help out with other concerns people may have as I’ve only recently left my teenage years and I can give a different viewpoint on certain situations. Finally, the Small Talk forum is a nice place to be when I’ve got some spare time.

6. If you could change or add something on SteadyHealth, what would it be?

The only thing I would change is that ‘Related Topics’ bit at the bottom. Most of the topics (the ones I seem to click on anyway) seem to be from years ago with no replies. Maybe there should be an expiration date on them or something if they don’t get a reply.

Only a very small thing though, the site as a whole is very good.

7. Have you made any friends since you joined this community?

It would be nice to think so. Although we’re not likely to ever meet in ‘real’ life, we all respect each others opinions and help each other to help our visitors to the website.

8. I noticed that you are participating in few discussions about US health system. I was wondering if you could give us you vision on US and UK health system, their similarities and differences?
Well, I’m by no means an expert on either system, but on what I do know, I think the system in use in the US is appalling for such a developed country. I can’t stand seeing posts on the forum that say “I can’t afford it” when it comes to healthcare. Not because I don’t understand their situation but that I feel this should not be a problem and the state should pay. People find themselves relying on forums like this for a diagnosis, and we just can’t offer anywhere near as definitive a one that a doctor could give.

The NHS here in the UK isn’t perfect, but at least even the poorest of people can see a specialist.

9. Would you suggest to others to share knowledge on SteadyHealth discussion boards?
Yes definitely. I would recommend sharing any knowledge you have and any experiences you may have been through. Together, we can all be a massive help to those who need us.

10. Do you have a message for our members and visitors?

Just to keep sharing your knowledge and experiences. The more opinions we can have on here the better service we will be able to offer our visitors.