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Hi all!
Since October of 07 I have had classic gallbladder problems, upper right quadrant pain, right rib cage pain, nausea no vomiting, just really misrable. I've had HIDA scan, and my infraction number was 96%, US with no gallstone dectection, and upper GI with no troubles detected there. I've managed my pain with pain killers, and have dropped close to 20 lbs becasue of diet restriction. I have finally seen the surgeon and of course he is still sitting on the fence about weather to remove my GB or not. Still in so much pain I was like go for it..I want this thing out! who cares! Now he want's me to go for a CT to look at GB and other areas, but as of last Saturday my pain where my gallbladder is located is almost undetectable! It's gone for the most part! I still have shoulder blade pain, managable with tylenol, but the gallbladder heavyness and constant pain has all but disapeared. I'm actually eating pretty much normal. I started drinking lots of apple juice and now I wonder if it's gone for good or is it waiting for the big attack! My question is should I blow this whole dang thing off and hope it's a long time before I have troubles again, or should I just be done with it and get it out, IF he decides that's what's going on! Having no gallstones is the problem!!!! And the high HIDA number! Please your opinions are important!!!


I had the exact same symptoms as you are describing above down to the HIDA results in Oct 2000 at the age of 38. I let my Doc convince me of how "easy" it would be to have the gallbladder taken out. Yeah, right! Not! I ended up with so many more digestion problems you would not believe. I had to basically educate myself. I am now on digestive enzymes to enable me to digest my food, otherwise my food just sits in my stomach and putrifies until I want to throw up or I get chronic diarrhea. Of course this stupid doctor told me I could eat anything I wanted after the surgery (maybe he wanted me to be a permanent Mercedes payment for him I don't know.) I ended up with and have since beaten diabetes and high blood pressure with only vitamins and herbs and would beg you to try them first for at least three months religiously before letting them take your gallbladder. I have cut and pasted here some info from one of my favorite sites:


Decrease total fat intake, especially saturated fats (meat and dairy products).
Eliminate food allergens. Eggs, in particular, may irritate the gallbladder.
Eat more fiber. Consider fiber supplements such as flaxmeal (1 tsp. one to three times per day). Combine 1 heaping tsp. of flaxmeal in 8 oz. of apple juice for a drink high in fiber and pectin.
Lecithin (1,000 to 5,000 mg per day) for cholesterol excretion
Choline (1,000 mg per day) and lipase (10,000 NF units with meals) stimulate gallbladder function.
Vitamin E (400 to 800 IU/day) and vitamin C (1,000 mg two to three times per day) promote bile production.


Herbs are generally a safe way to strengthen and tone the body's systems. As with any therapy, it is important to work with your provider on getting your problem diagnosed before you start any treatment. Herbs may be used as dried extracts (capsules, powders, teas), glycerites (glycerine extracts), or tinctures (alcohol extracts). Unless otherwise indicated, teas should be made with 1 tsp. herb per cup of hot water. Steep covered 5 to 10 minutes for leaf or flowers, and 10 to 20 minutes for roots. Drink 2 to 4 cups per day. Tinctures may be used singly or in combination as noted.

Choleretic herbs stimulate bile production and increase bile solubility. Especially useful are milk thistle (Silybum marianum), dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), greater celandine (Chelidonium majus), globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus), and turmeric (Curcuma longa). Use these herbs singly or in combination as a tea or tincture (15 to 20 drops), two to three times per day before meals.
Enteric-coated peppermint oil (Mentha piperita) may help dissolve stones (0.2 to 0.4 ml three times a day between meals).

I would add lemon juice to my water and on my food as I found it helps to digest food. I am Mexican and people in Mexico have used lemon on their foods for years and don't have nearly as many problems as we do. I would also add liquid acidophillus as this will help your digestive tract which will help your gallbladder in the long run. Don't forget to get on a good multivitamin with a good anti-oxidant included or seperate plus fish or flax seed oil. CoQ10 is wonderful also but you need to take at least 150 mg a day to see any real results. Another good thing would be papaya enzyme to help you digest to take some load off your liver, gallbladder and pancreas and give them a break. Of course make sure you check with your doctor if possible before you start any of these. My docs don't believe in herbs or vitamins (probably because they don't get bonuses from vitamin and herb companies like they do from BigPharm companies for meds) so I had to just wing it on my own and disappoint them when I got off my meds when I wasn't diabetic and didn't have high blood pressure any more. I would suggest you look up foods to eat to help the liver, pancreas and gallbladder, kidneys, etc as well since that will help the load on your gallbladder decrease.

If you stick to the low fat diet you will feel so much better believe me if they take your gallbladder you will be forced to stick to a low fat diet anyway because without your gallbladder you will get sick if you eat a lot of high fat foods. It happened to me if I ate Fried chicken or Fried fish or Fried anything more than once a week plus I got GERD after they took my gallbladder. Now I am fine since I take the enzymes and am on a low fat, high protein, complex carb diet. No more GERD, irritable bowel, bladder, diabetes, high blood pressure and losing 1lb a week and so much more energy. I will say I switched from vegetable oil to canola oil and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and pure unsalted butter for my cooking and eating needs. I would use just virgin olive oil if I could afford it but I can't since I am on SS disability. My total cholesterol used to be over 500 and is now under 180. My HDL is over 40 and climbing with no lipitor etc. Those margarines and vegetable oils are made with horrible chemicals that end up in the end products and poison our bodies.

Also you need to stop drinking chlorinated/fluoridated water and using fluoridated toothpaste as these things are endocrine/metabolic destroyers of our bodies. You can buy a water filter to filter chlorine in your sink and shower and buy non fluoridated toothpaste at Walmart by the name of Tom's. Just google fluoride and chlorine and you will be horrified at the results of what you find in regards to your health. While I'm on the subject stop using aluminum antiperspirants and antiacids since aluminum also can end up in your brain. They have autopsied Alzheimers victims and found aluminum and fluoride plague deposits in their brains. Where do you think they came from? I don't even drink tapwater because they are fluoridating the water and using aluminum in the water sewage systems here. They claim the fluoridation and aluminum is safe but that is what they said about DDT and asbestos etc. The fluoride they use is not the same that they tested way back when either, it is a waste product that the EPA wants them to stop using. Sorry for the long post but I get to preaching when I post because God knows I wish someone had told me all this a long time ago before I ended up with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome and degenerative disc and joint disease and Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis. My sister and her son has Chronic Fatigue and my mother and grandmother and half sister had or have Fibromyalgia. Best of luck to you and God Bless!