My boyfriend and I had intercourse tonight without a condom on. He did pull out before ejaculation. I'm also on birth control and have been for almost a year. I'm usually really good about taking my pill at 7 a.m. every morning, but lately I have been off a few times by a couple hours.

I just feel worried this time for some reason and am considering taking the Plan B pill. I just can't decide if my worrying and 50 bucks for the pill are really even worth it. I just started my ovulation cycle yesterday, but I know birth control is suppose to prevent that. Just the fact that it is my mid cycle concerns me. I also spotted a little bit after we had intercourse. He fingered me after wards if that might be the reason for the spotting, which very well could be.

I know if I am going to take it, I need to take it soon. So please reply as quickly as possible on if I should take it or not. Theoretically, due to my pill, I did not have unprotected sex. But there's still a little worrying in me.