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Was Herpes created for disease control?  Why don't they find a cure so everone looks good?

Skin Patchs, and areas that look different, so people know..


Herpes is not a life threatening condition, yes they are working on vaccines, but this issue is not of the highest priority.

HIV is still the most important virus being researched. Acyclovir a product of antiviral research  did not work well suppressing the virus but has proved effective in preventing outbreaks of Herpes, Shingles (secondary Chicken pox outbreaks), Hairy Leukoplakia, (secondary Mono outbreaks).

Hep C is still a high priority for investigation.

Gardisil as well as the Heptivaxes have had high priority due to there linkage to cancer. HPV (Venereal Warts) causes rectal as well as esophageal cancer.  Hep B causes liver cancer. 

If you got a cold sore grab some carmex and get a regular script of Acyclovir, to prevent outbreaks.