HELP!! I lost my virginity on February 20 and am 17. The first time we did not use a condom but made sure that he pulled out long before climaxing. I've heard that you can get pregnant from pre-cum but that this is very rare. The start of my last period was on January 21. (NOTE: I've never had/ tried to track my period before. But now since I have a boyfriend my mom has been trying to keep track of it.) So I thought that my period should've started again on the 18th of February (a 28 day cycle) but once it was a little late I asked some friends and explained everything. Then found out that a 45 day cycle for teenagers can sometimes be normal, but that should've been on the 7th of March. Tomorrow I will be two weeks late from that date. Please help!! I'm new to this, and will have to make big changes if I am. I've been stressing out for so long and need some outside opinions!!!!!!