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im 18 years old and a senior in high school, and about 5 months before graduation.
i just recently, on the 27th of january, had sex with my boyfriend for the first time, unprotected, no birthcontrol, but he pulled out, i lost my virginity to him.
but that morning i was having premenstrual craps (which i get all the time a few days, up to a week before my period) and the next day (the 28th) i woke up with a terrible headache and a sore body.
today is the 29th, two days after the sex, and still getting cramps.

is it possible that i can be pregnant?
will i get my period soon if im still getting cramps?
does your mestrual cycle change after sex? or does it stay the same?
does your body change after sex? internally and externally?
please replyy :-(


Hi jessica,

When are you due to have your period?

The sore body could be due to having sex. You probably have some discomfort as well, both are normal.
Your menstrual cycle won't change. Your body doesn't change, except for the hymen possibly tearing.

If you're about a week before your period then it is unlikely you'll get pregnant. Reason: the egg is only viable for about 24-48 hours after you ovulate. That would be approximately halfway through your cycle, on day 14. If you are around day 21 or so, it is just too late.

Hope it helps.