okay so i lost my virginity on friday. i think i ended my period that day but i was still spotting a little bit. the guy i did it with DID use a condom and even pulled out before he was going to. i'm also on birth control but i missed a couple days. when we did it i'm pretty sure he "popped my cherry" because afterwards there was a lot of blood. it's tuesday now and this morning i was bleeding a little bit. i don't think i am anymore but is that normal to have after losing your virginity? i've also been experiencing some cramping in my abdomen area and feel somewhat bloated. i think i possibly have a bladder infection though because it hurts a little bit when i pee and has a funky smell. could this be a sexually transmitted disease? i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant, there would be a really really slim chance but i still can't help but feel like it's a possibility. i'm new to this all so i'm not sure if all of this is normal to experience after losing your virginity. really hope i'm not pregnant though considering i'm way too young to be and would not be able to handle it. i'll still be getting a pregnancy test just to make sure. i honestly regret doing it and wish i would have waited. it would really help if someone could reply to this! please let me know as soon as possible.