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Me & my boyfriend lost our virginity to each other dec 31 and then did it again Jan 7. My last cycle was dec 26-29. The first time we used a condom but  he didn't cum and the second time we used a condom but he pulled out. I'm now 7 days late for my period I'm really scared all my friends say it's normal and they were like 2 weeks late when they did it for the first time. I have been like freaking out and stressing over it. There's no way I could be pregnant right? Him & I are both very scared. I'm only 15. I know it was wrong. I haven't taken a test because my friends say I need to relax it will come I just don't know what to do


If your last period (not cycle) lasted from 26-29 Dec, and your next period was due 23 Jan, it suggests you have a 28-day cycle. If this were the case (you didn't say how you calculated your period-due day), then Ovulation day was probably 9 Jan, making 7 Jan a very fertile day.

Withdrawal (pull-out) is very unreliable.

The other girls may have had sex at a non-fertile time, or just didn't conceive.

I suggest you take a test. That's the only way to be sure at this time.