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Now I am on birth control and I take it religiously. I take it at 10pm every night but sometimes I take it around 11pm. I had sex on November 15th but the condom broke. I panicked and took Plan B One Step 30 minutes after. My expected period was Nov 18th but I got it Nov 20th exactly 5 days after the sex. The last day of my period was Nov 27. My boyfriend and I were fooling around on Nov 24. Yes I was still on my period and I had a tampon in. He entered me (not all the way obviously) and was wearing a condom that happened to break. He says that he did not finish and that all that got in me was prec**. I had the tampon in the entire time which yes I know can be unsafe but that is not the point. What are the chances of me getting pregnant with all the factors: bc pill taken properly,plan b a week before, period, tampon, and prec**? I'm thinking they're pretty low but I just want to be sure. 


Hi Lil,

Your chances are pretty low, just from being on the daily birth control.

You didn't need the Plan B.  It is LESS effective than your daily pill. 

Remember, your next SEVERAL periods can be early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.  These are common side effects from Plan B.

Hope it helps.