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I had sex last night, and I haven't been on birth control this month, because I got my pill pack way too late. My period started on Sunday, so a week ago, and ended around wednesday. Anyway, Last night we were having sex and  the condom broke. He literally pulled out right away. We heard the sound and pulled out. So he put on another and it broke again (typical) and he pulled out right away again. Are my chances of being pregnant high? I know I should probably take plan B, but the side effects of it seem so horrible. Yeah, I know getting pregnant is worse, but I have extreme throw up phobia, so I'd rather not take a pill I know will make me sick. Also, we both went to the bathroom before. I don't know if that makes a difference. Thanks!


OH! Also this is also so happens to be the day where I'm supposed to start my birth control again (a week after my ended period) and I really feel like I'm not supposed to start that while taking plan b? I don't know how this works haahah