I've been on Effexor XR for a few months now for Major Depressive Disorder and am quite pleased with the intended results although I still have a little ways to go in regaining my interests and passions. I've been at 150 mg for about a month and am due to see my Doc in a few weeks to assess the dosage.

Specifically, I'm interested in other's experiences in loss of appetite, and subsequent weight loss and how long this side affect may continue. I have, and continue to lose weight at a slow but steady rate and am currently seeing a nutritionist in order to prevent further loss as I do not want to lose more. The tools I'm using are counting and recording calories (it's a struggle to get to 700 a day), and advantage social dining (it helps to not feel like the odd one out). As a "former" foodie and gourmet home cook (one of the passions I'm jonesing to get back into my life) I'm now finding myself eating to live, not living to eat.

Bottom line... at 46, I'm at my high school weight. Some may wish they were in my shoes but I miss my interest in food and I'd like to add a few LBs, not look like a bony heroin addict.