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The Herbalife company, which was founded in 1980 promotes a weight loss program through its multilevel marketing strategy. Aside from weight loss products, the company also sells targeted health and nutrition products which can help maintain heart, skin, and digestive health.

The Herbalife program for weight loss features a plan which involves eating one healthy meal mostly composed of fruits and vegetables. In addition, two high protein meal-replacement shakes and protein snacks are taken to reduce hunger and promote metabolism. The amount of protein given is tailored to one's needs, depending on the amount of weight loss desired. Supplements containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential substances to enhance cell nutrition and health are also part of the plan. These include fiber, garlic, aloe vera, omega-3 fatty acid extracts, neptune krill oil, and more.

There are three program options one can choose from to achieve the desired weight loss:

  • In the Quickstart program, one is given a Nutritional Shake Mix, a Multivitamin ComplexCell Activator, and an Herbal Concentrate Original. The dieter is allowed to consume one healthy meal consisting of a salad, lean meat or skinless chicken, and fruits and vegetables. Two meals are replaced with a mixture of the shake mix, protein powder, fruit, and soy milk or low fat milk. Snacks may consist of raw vegetables, soup, a protein bar or a protein drink.

  • The Advanced Herbalife program contains the components of the Quickstart program and other cell nutrition enhancers.

  • The Ultimate Program on the other hand, has the components of the advanced program plus other health enhancers and substances that decrease appetite and boost metabolism.

The amount of protein used in the diet may be adjusted according to one's desire to lose more weight. To maintain weight, one may use the shake mix to substitute for one meal instead of two.

According to the manufacturer, the diet program supplies the body complete nourishment with at least 1000 calories per day.

A dieter may lose up to 3.5 kg per week but this may be too fast for some people. Furthermore, it is a costly approach to weight loss, considering that one will have to rely heavily on the supply of Herbalife products. Furthermore, one may achieve initial weight loss after consuming a few packs of the products, each of which may last for about 11 to 15 days, but to maintain a healthy weight, one must learn to keep lifelong habits involving good nutrition, exercise, and fitness.

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