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I am a 23 year old woman. I have a 3 year old son. Around September of 2011 I got on the depo shot and took two doses of it. My last shot was done in Dec and I should have received another one in March of 2012. However I was gaining weight and having extreme breakouts on my face. I decided since I wasn't having any sexual intercourse at the time I was just going to rid myself of the extra hormones for a while. I have now had severe symptoms that quite frankly are making me feel like I'm going insane. I get severe headaches, my stomach has been feeling very strange with weird movements and constant irregular bowel movements, I can not lose the weight no matter what I try, I have not got a period back, a few weeks ago I did get a slight brown substance when I went to the bathroom so I was hoping that was a hint of my period coming back, for a week I had nipple soreness, I am exhausted all the time, I cannot concentrate. I started to think I was pregnant but I would now be 6 months pregnant and have taken 5 hpt and 1 blood test and all have come back negative. However with everything I am feeling the thought still is popping in my head. I feel out of it and I don't want to be stressing or panicing anymore about what my body is doing. Could anyone please tell me if this is the depo and if it is are my symptoms a sign of something seriously wrong with me??


Anger and fighting with the wife Need Help

Hey i want to start saying is that im not a bad person for what im going to say. I just need a little well alot of help.
I have been married for almost one year and im confoused if i love my with. My wife if a women that likes to be in control and when i dont want to do what she says she started to talk c**p, fo example ( she says im stupid, that nobody loves me thats why my mom dont want me back with her ect........ but the point is she gets to me.

We been togther for 2 years and i never hit a women in my life. she started with the hitting as boy and girlfriend and hasnt stop. shes a pretty strong women may i say and i have fought alot of people and shes by far one of the strongest people i have every met. i never hit her on your face i punch her in her arm or leg for she can leave me alone and i dont hit her hard and im scared to. but than she comes and says i hit like a girl. bascliy im tried and i want to leave her but we have a beautiful baby girl. i use to have anger problems and i was in therapy when i was a child i dont want to lose my life what should i do i Really need help i did call the cop on her once put they didnt do nothing. what should i do pleae help