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My mom has been a bad alcoholic ever since my parents got divorced five years ago. She blames him for her alcoholism, substance abuse and promiscuos behavior. I caught her cheating on her boyfriend with a married man and when I confronted her about it, she just said its your father's fault, go ask your father. Im so mad at her that she cant take responsibility for her actions. Apparently she had a bad childhood but that is no excuse for how you are as an adult. My older sister completely stopped talking to her years ago because she couldnt handle what my mother became. Since I am the only family member that talks to her, I get the drunt of everything. I found piles of wine bottles in her closet and in her underwear drawer. When I confront her after Ive caught her drinking, she just lies to my face and denies everything! It makes me so mad that she thinks she is smarter than me and that I dont know whats going on. She also threw me under the bus when I caught her with the married man and told him that I was going to tell his wife! I dont even know or trust this man, she put me in danger! Then she lied that he didnt have a key when he did! I have recently gotten my own apartment with my boyfriend and have gotten away from her. I have so much anger towards her its not even funny. When you confront her of her disgusting ways, she just says its your father's fault but you keep talking to him and think hes a god. SHe has this weird mental fixation on my dad because he didnt want to be with her anymore. Its really sick. I dont deserve this in my life but I worry that if I completely disown her like I want to, she will kill herself and I would have to live with that guilt. Shes a manipulator and tries to make me feel bad when I dont want her around anymore. SHe guilts me into talking to her. I cant take this anymore. She goes to therapy but it doesnt work because she just lies to the therapist to have them say what she wants to her, validating her fake reality. Her doctor keeps prescribing her pain killer because she has a bad shoulder and shes addicted to them too. I caled him up and said shes abusing them (taking them with alcohol) and he did nothing. Just found a new prescription for this month! You would think that she would want to change after her own children want nothing to do with her anymore. Shes an embarrassment to me. Before she started dating this new guy (who she cheats on) she was taking home a few guys a month. shes disgusting. WHat should I do? Theres no hope. Sometimes I think her only future is suiside becayse she cant handle her divorce.


I know what it's like to have an alcoholic parent. Both my parents are alcoholics, and my father was (and probably still is) extremely abusive both emotionally and physically. If you need a chat feel free to private message me.