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After I went to see my family doctor for what seemed like bronchitis that won’t go away and progressing to pneumonia requiring me to be hospitalized for two weeks, the test they done at the hospital showed I have NSIP or Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia. They started suspecting only after they saw how much oxygen I needed and luckily, doctor ordered a biopsy. My pulmonologist say I have fibroid type of NSIP and I know that must mean something bad, and it is the worst type of NSIP, with some chances that it will turn to pulmonary fibrosis.

I was put on both steroids and immunosuppressant meds, but the disease will not be completely cured. My doctor wasn’t clear on giving me the straight up answer about survival chances for fibrotic NSIP patients, basically saying they don’t know the cure and they don’t know how fat I might or might not progress to pulmonary fibrosis.



You've been diagnosed with nonspecific interstitial pneumonia and you want to know the survival chances.  This is a complicated question.  It depends on how early they catch it and what medications you take.  it is reported that less than 10 percent of the patients die within five years however most patients survive beyong 10 years.  There are some patients that carry out their normal life time.  Honestly, there is no real way to know.  You need to take it one day at a time.  I would keep a positive mental attitude as scientific research comes up with new cures everyday.  Make sure you take care of yourself.  Eat properly and exercise lightly to keep yourself fit.  With good medical care, you should be able to live a long life.