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My wife was just hospitalized for interstitial pneumonia and of course we are all very scared for her! The doctor spoke with me while I was at the hospital and he said that they were going to do a lung biopsy. Now I just googled that and I noticed this procedure is not without risks. She has already been diagnosed, so is this really necessary?


is a lung biopsy or is it removing fluid from the lung? both are risky but necessary to determin the type of illness causeing your wifes issue did

they find a mass or lump my moms lung doctor says it standard procedure today i don't remember draining of the lung or biobsy of the lung unless

their is a mass years ago. But being we have put the doctors in malpratice cituation they seem to me to do alot more research to protect their

dignosis of the ailment. we are still waiting on pins and needles ourself wondering what the dignosis is going to show about my mother. I hope

your wife is going to be ok.