Recent study reported that lung transplants don’t improve that much survival rates in children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. It is a genetic disorder and children who suffer from it are at constant risk of developing serious lung infections. Study showed that just 15% of children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis can have benefits from lung transplant.

Mortality rates about 80% in patients in the end stage of cystic fibrosis. Lung transplantation is considered to be the most aggressive therapy and carries a great risk but it doesn’t give certain results always. Reports show that 12% of deaths are because of complications during lung transplantation.

Authors of the study say that multidisciplinary care gives better prognosis in prolonging lives of children than lung transplantation. Study is based on the cases of children younger than 18 who are on a lung transplantation waiting list. Doctors say that important thing is to inform parents of the children that although transplantation may improve quality of life in some cases it can not improve much survival rates.