Hello everybody! I realize how off the wall my topic title is, but I'm just curious as to how many other people have experienced a similar situation.     For about six years my cycle was like clock work, bleeding every 28 days. In 2012 each cycle became seven days longer, until June when it just didn't come at all. I went to my gyno and she said its completely normal to miss a few periods and to come back if I missed four in a row.  I had a very light one in the middle of August so I decided not to worry about it.   Nothing at all in september, then on october 27th I started having this strange stringy brown discharge which lasted about four days.  I went back to the doctor and they ruled out everything (thyroid problems, deficiencies, pcos, ect).  I was referred to another hospital to get an ultrasound which I have an appointment for tomorrow. The reason I even consider pregnancy as an option is because we don't use protection and i've read about a few cases where urine and blood tests come back negative during pregnancy.   Since october I've gained about five pounds without changing my eating habits or exercise.  I've been extremely tired, constipated (for the first time in my life), having heartburn, and tons of gas.  These symptoms are all linked to ovarian cancer but it also causes lack of appetite and weight loss. I've been hungrier than ever! I've been trying really hard to maintain my healthy diet because of the weight gain, even trying to cut back but it doesn't seem to make any difference! My clothes still fit but my belly is bulging :/ Could it be a baby? or tumor? or something else?