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My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with out thrid child and stopped using the ring at the start of October and please see cycle below...I THINK that I might be pregnant, but now I'm not sure because I keep getting negitive at home tests...and what I thought was implantation bleeding, but now it's lasting too long to be that I think...although it started too early to be a period and there is no "FLOW" of blood!! I think I had implantation bleeding with our first child, but I can't remember with the second as I didn't realize I was pregnant until I was two months along!
10/17-old brown blood...feeling of getting ready to start period...
10/18 First day last period-Normal cycle 28 days with four days of heavy red bleeding.
10/19 Period
10/20 Period
10/21 Period
10/22 Dry
10/23 Dry
10/24 Dry
10/25 Dry to Wet discharge
10/26 Wet discharge
10/27 Wet discharge to Slightly Stringy
10/28 Slightly stringy
10/29 Slightly stringy
10/30 Slightly stringy to Very stringy *DID THE DEED
10/31 Very stringy
11/1 Very stringy *DID THE DEED
11/2 Very stringy to Creamy discharge
11/3 Creamy discharge
11/4 Creamy discharge
11/5 Creamy discharge
11/6 Creamy discharge
11/7 Brown discharge--thought too early for period...implantation bleeding?
11/8 Brown discharge (a little crampy)
11/9 Brown discharge (had very small one time amount of red with bowl movement no red at any other time in day, no red in underwear)
11/10 Brown discharge (had very small amount of clear discharge that had some red blood in it on underwear one time small amount)
11/11 VERY little brown discharge (only notice on toilet paper)
11/12 VERY little brown discharge (only notice on toilet paper)
11/13 VERY little brown discharge (only notive on toilet paper)
11/14 Light brown discharge (noticed on underwear again, so little more than preious three days)

11/15 Should have started period, but just a VERY SMALL amount of brown discharge in my underwear.
I took a first response pregnancy test and it came back negitive...then during a bowl movement just after I noticed some brown discharge in the toilet, but no red blood and never any FLOW of anything...and I don't feel like I'm goint to start my period at all!!

I'm going crazy!! The brown discharge was too early to be a period...but I'm thinking it's lasting too long to be implantation? I am going to the bathroom more than twice as much as usual and my boobs have been KILLING me, and heart burn...which I've only ever had when I was pregnant. I felt naseous a few days in the past week...but if it's too early to detect the pregnancy horomone on a hpt how can I be naseous already! More over I am SO emotional the past week, and not knowing if I'm pregnant or not is making it worse!!

What are your thoughts out there??????? I'm thinking I will wait until Friday and take another hpt. I would think for sure I was pregnant if it wasn't for this brown discharge! Could it be implantation? Could I just be having a really wierd period with no flow of red blood or WHAT!!

Thank you in advance :-)


Did u end up gettin pregnant? While searching i found your post and its now a year later BUT i am on the EXACT same scedule just a few days off. With my first son I didnt find out i was pregnat until 2 months in so now this time I am trying to plan things out. I think I could be pregnant now but I want to wait to take a pregnancy test. I was just curious as to what happened to you?