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Ok I want some opinions- I know you guys won't be able to tell me if I am or not but just curious if anyone else has gone through this. I'm 26 (27 in 3 days) I have 2 children (8&3) my last period was June 6 and I've had no bleeding since (today is 8/15) I have light cramping in my lower tummy every now and then; my nipples are very sensitive; I think my areolas are darker but not positive; my lower back kills; urinating more often( like getting up in the middle of the night); having insomnia; food cravings for things I hate( like hotdogs -Ew but it tasted so good?!) and my fav coffee made me nauseas when I tried to drink it. Oh and about a month or so ago i had a random nosebleed but only one. Ive taken 3 Hpt and all negative ( dollar store tests and EPT) I have a dr apt on the 23rd but I "feel" pregant. Has anyone else had this? I thought it was stress from school but school is out now and still nothing. I wasn't on birth control and no condoms. We used the pullout but he's not sure if he pulled out in time everytime. Just curious of anyone else went through this and what it turned out to be?


Did you ever find out if you were pregnant or not?

I has my last period on sept 28th and had spotting once when I wiped after peeing which was on oct 27th an still nothing. Used dollar tree test 3 mornings ago and it was negative and planned parenthood yesterday afternoon which was negative. I've been hungrier, bloated, had cramps at time of that spotting felt sick yesterday but that was it.