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I just recently shaved my pennis, shaft and groin. After about a week I noticed a red bump(one bump).
Its a red inflammed bump on my pennis that appeared about a week after I shaved my shaft and groin area. Its been there for about 2-3weeks. I visited the doctor and she said it was a pimple but naturally I am worried, any chance it could be herpes? She squeezed it and it oozed a puss like fluid then turned clear. She gave me a prescription for antibiodics and told me to put a hot compress on it.

Could it be Fordyce or Sebaceous Prominence??
Can anyone please describe to me what these aflictions are? along with what they look like?

Thank you everyone.............


It is definately not Fordyce or your Sebaceous glands, those are white, and everywhere, that just barely come out of the skin, I have Fordyce, it is not a big deal, a lot of guys do, same with the sebaceous glands acting up.. Your doctor is most likely right by 98%, that it is a pimple, do not worry about it, and it may take some time for that pimple to go away because the area down there is tender, and naturally just takes a bit more time.

Just don't worry.