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Fordyce Spots, AKA Fordyce granules, are actually prominent sebaceous glands. You don't really need any kind of treatment for this condition until you're worried about your looks. This article lists the best options to get rid of Fordyce spots.
Fordyce spots, also referred to as Fordyce’s condition or Fordyce granules, manifest as a sebaceous prominence. They are tiny, pale and painless spots or bumps that occur usually on the labia shaft of the penis, the face, and corners of the lips. Fordyce spots are mostly just a cosmetic concern, and no treatment is required or recommended. However, multiple methods exist for getting rid of these bumps.

Letting Fordyce Spots Self-Resolve

You should understand certain things about Fordyce spots before evaluating the options for their reduction or removal. Most importantly, these spots are not sexually transmitted, and are a rather common occurrence among men. Secondly, since Fordyce spots are generally painless and harmless, the recommended treatment is to sit back, relax, and let the bumps settle on their own. Moreover, due to the short lifespan of these spots, there is no urgency to treat them immediately. The key is not to panic and to be patient.

Preliminary Steps

For people concerned with their looks, and about how they would appear to their significant occur, the formation of Fordyce spots can become a psychological menace. These abnormal appearances can cause people to feel depressed or socially unfit. Even though doctors advise against any sort of treatment, they tend to become irritable and impatient. Fear not: these simple tips can help in coping with Fordyce spots.

  • Talk about the Condition: Instead of secluding yourself from everyone, talk to your friends and family. Since the condition is fairly common, you might find that you are not the only one. Ask people who have had Fordyce spots how they managed to cope with the problem and what they did to get rid of them. In addition, talking to your partner will help lower your anxiety and stress significantly. It really makes your life better.
  • Don’t Become Obsessed: If not treated or surgically removed, Fordyce spots are most likely to remain on your body. Learn to live with them. Do not avoid social interactions and intimate relationships because of your condition. Do not let the spots affect your self-esteem; you will be surprised to know, if you do not bother, people will not either.
  • Participate in Discussion Groups: The more people you talk to and the more you read about it, the better. Consult legitimate websites, message boards, and blogs. Read stories of how other people dealt with their condition and boost your confidence. In addition, consult material that provides news on current and upcoming treatment options as well.
  • Don’t Become Paranoid: Do not start living in fear and wreck your relationships. Most people assume that their partners will stop having sex with them because they have a "disease". Such one-sided thoughts will only make matters worse. Talk openly with your partner about your feelings and theirs, and discuss what you want to do.
The reason doctors do not suggest any treatment is because their complications and risks generally outweigh their perceived advantages. Learning to cope with the condition should be your first priority.
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