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A pimple or a growth on your lip is distressing as it affects your appearance, but we never think about it as being potentially dangerous. Here are some common things that you should be aware about that cause such growths.

There are a number of reasons which can cause a growth on your lip, ranging from something that is largely cosmetic in nature to something that requires a much closer look at things. Their appearance and the social stigma attached with their presence means that most people are looking to a quick fix to the problem and are likely to turn to off the shelf acne medication. Here are some other things that can cause that mystery pimple on your lip.

Cold Sores

This is one of the most common types of infection that is seen in the world. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. The type 2 herpes simplex virus is associated with sexually transmitted diseases and it is unusual to find it affecting the upper half of the body.

Cold sores are usually self-limiting in nature and do not require any treatment. In some cases, where the individuals are immune-compromised, these cold sores can fester for a long time and require anti viral medication.

The typical lesion is that of a small cluster of blisters which burst over the course of a few days. The underlying skin is reddish and tender for a period of a week to ten days. The only treatment required is topical in nature with an antiseptic and analgesic gel enough to do the job. Patients should avoid scratching that area, intimate physical contact, dental treatment, applying makeup over the area as that can all contribute to spreading the infection to other people.

Allergic Reactions

This is probably the most common reason for a sudden growth or lesion on the lip. There are a number of chemicals and ingredients in the different types of cosmetics, toothpastes, and mouthwashes that we use on a daily basis. The better brands are all tested to be hypoallergenic to the large majority of the population, however that does not mean that they will not cause an allergic reaction in anyone.

If you have noticed the bump on your lip after having recently changed any particular product then it is likely to be an allergic reaction. The best way is to stop using the product altogether and go back to your original choice. Anti-allergy medication may be all that is required to get rid of the growth that had you worried.


It is a popular myth that acne is only seen during the teenage years. The truth is that it is seen in people of all ages. The most common reason for acne to occur is a blockage of the sebaceous glands that lie underneath the surface of the skin and the lips leading to a localized bacterial infection. The growth will appear to be filled with whitish-greenish pus like material and will usually be solitary in nature. A visit to the dermatologist will be a good idea so that you can get your skin type and the most effective method for managing it from a professional.

Some common-sense advice includes washing your face with a non-dehydrating face wash multiple times, applying anti-acne gels and avoiding too much of makeup. Your dermatologist may also choose to prescribe a course of doxycycline to help fight the outbreak.
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