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When I was 14 I first noticed what I thought was sebaceous prominence. A few years later I got an open pimple and the derm said it was molluscum. He removed it and the molluscum returned. After 3 derm visits the molluscum is gone but I have white bumps with tiny hairs coming out of them on the shaft of my penis. Some bumps are very small but when erect these feel alot bigger than they actually are. Is this sebaceous prominence? Also, how do you reduce the size of these bumps? When erect they feel really wierd and I am extremely embarrased by them. What other penile problems have these symptoms? Could this be something other than sebaceous prominence? Thanks alot for your help!


Hi! I reckon these are definitely sebaceous prominence! It sounds just like them and actually nothing else except ordinary pimples look like that.

Sebaceous cysts do grow around the hair shaft. Under the skin there are a lot of oil glands that produce the oily substance called sebum. These glands are connected to the skin shaft under the skin and sebum ends up on the skin through the hair shaft.
The sebum gets out to the surface, so that it could lubricate the skin, make it moist, prevent from drying and protect it. When the ducts that lead sebum to the surface get blocked, the sebum starts accumulating and making these little cysts that look like pimples. The hair sticks out of them because the glands are on the hair shaft and this is where the bumps form-around the shaft.

I understand that they may be a nuisance but they are actually not being removed since they are harmless. There are drugs used for shrinking the oil glands but they are used for severe acne problems and not sebaceous prominence. These drugs cause severe side effects.