Okay, first off I am a 19 year old female. I am about 5'10'' and before I started taking depression meds I was about 180 pounds. I was relatively fit. Before I started taking Lexapro I was running like 2 miles a day. But I was chunky. This {running} was after some physical therapy, I got in a car accident. I was rear ended, and pushed into the vehicle in front of me. So I have some injuries. My diet is healthy. I am currently and have been for several months, on the Herbalife system. At 175 pounds {I lost a few pounds}. I had 127 pounds of muscle, 6 pounds of bone and 42 pounds of fat. So I had a way to go to looking amazing. But it wasn't as bad as a very unfit 180.

About two months ago I noticed that I really needed to be medicated for depression. So I went to the doctor about a month after that and I mentioned my dad takes Lexapro and has never gained weight. The doctor prescribed Lexapro and said that it is rare to gain weight on it. Well. It's a month and a half into my treatment on it. I have gained 22 pounds ! :-(. I also had an ESI {Epidural Steroid injection about 3 weeks into my treatment}. So far, I lost 10 pounds of muscle and I gained 32 of fat. :-((

The worst part is I recently got engaged. And now I am further from my goal of being a fit bride than ever :/. The Lexapro worked excellent. But I feel like I am NEVER EVER satisfied with food. I have no drive to do anything now.

I don't know what to do. I stopped taking my meds. And i'm crazy moody and i've been getting sick. And I keep crying. I think it's wedding stress {June 25th 2011} and the fact that I gained a bunch of weight, and I have an active lawsuit from my accident.

Anyone have any advice ?