This is going to be a long one so I apologies in advance for anyone willing to read it..just need a rant!

I have been on Dianette (think its Diane 35 in America?) since I was around 13 (not always for birth control, for acne & period regulation). I always thought it was a miracle pill because it totally cleared up my acne - which was severe ..on my back and everything..and it made my periods light, regular, painless. But I also suffer with anxiety..and when I think back my anxiety came at around the same time. About a year and a half ago I had a long term illness thats left me with constant brain fog, visual disturbances and just not feeling 'right'..ever. Anyway I've recently started to consider that Dinaette could at least be worsening my problems if not producing them.

I've had some bleeding after sex so I went to my doctor and got checked out - she says I have 'cervical erosion' - she thinks its the Dianette as its high estrogen - so Im going to have to come off it anyway. I also had high blood pressure last time I had my pill check up (i'm 20, healthy weight, non smoker!).

So I've been considering a combination of things but as you can imagine Im very hesitant as I don't want to worsen my anxiety/brain fog and acne. I was told about the IUS but after doing some research have heard horrible things - I thought that since it releases very little progesterone into the blood stream (as opposed to pills) it would have little side effects - but obviously not!

I'm also considering the IUD as its hormone free but again im worried my skin will flair up..anxiety may get worse without the estrogen & heavy nasty periods etc

Or there's just stopping everything! But again...bad acne, worse anxiety etc. I have to try really I was wondering what peoples experiences were with any of these options who have similar problems to me..acne, anxiety, brain fog...It worries me that people report horrible side effects from just simply stopping the pill..and get acne when they didn't even have acne before!

Id just like to feel myself again...I can NEVER think clearly I always feel slightly disassociated & disconnected.

Any advice or experiences much appreciated.