Hi all,myself and my hubby have decided to try for another baby.i stopped taking the yasmin birth control pill 6 weeks ago.ive read that so many people are having problems with periods after stopping this pill.

I have had alittle cramping but no sign of a period,done numerous p test all of which were negative.I have never had problems with my periods coming back before or problems trying to get pregnant ( this would be baby no 4) but im not very optimistic after reading so many bad things about stopping yasmin.

I was only on this pill 4 months and couldnt stand it any longer (terrible mood swings feeling down) etc...

so was glad when we decided to try for another baby....but being as impatient as i am its hard having to wait for things to happen...ive always got pregnant within athe first month of trying before

Has anyone had any good experience in coming off this pill??

please reply with all experiences!!!