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I have this white yellowish clear goo coming out of my vagina. Im 13 years old girl and i have never had sex before, i have masturbated before and i have been getting this goo for 4 years now. I have hear that it is signs of you period starting soon. I am scarred that something could be wrong. I dont feel comfortable talk to my mom or doctor about it because i dont want someone looking in there. Please help by answering this for me!


So the real question - is it white, or yellowish or clear?


If it's white or clear, that's something called "discharge". It's normal and part of a functioning vagina. Your vaginal walls have their own "cleaners" (just like little microscopic maids). The white or clear stuff coming out is the result of that cleaning. As you mature sexually, you'll get used to this and it will happen throughout your life.


If it's yellowish or greenish and has a really bad smell (like moldy cheese) then it's a sign of infection and you do have to see a doctor right away.


Don't despair though. Doctors dont' have to look down there to make a diagnosis for an infection - all you do is pee in a cup and the lab can tell if there is an infection or not.