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I have found these spots on my penis (see photo) a couple of weeks ago and I am not sure what they are. There are about 5-10 of them and they do not cause any irritation but I know they should not be there. At the same time, the very head of my penis seems to have drier (scaly) skin than usual, but maybe this is not something to worry about (it is not too bad). Primarily, I am worried about these spots. Are they gonna go away? What are they?
P.s. (I masturbate frequently, if it has anything to do with it)

If you wish, see picture (of penis) at the following link:

Thank you for your help in advance!
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Excellent way to share a picture and now we can all see what you're concerned about.

No, it probably does not have anything to do with your masturbation.

However, I would continue to clean all parts of your penis very well, with gentle washing with warm water and soap.
In the meantime, if any of these white spots should grow infected or pop, I'd get to a doctor for some assistance ASAP.


Thank you, I will try to wash it more carefully (however I would rather not use any soap only water as I'm afraid that a soap could cause more problems).
Any other suggestions for my problem?

Thank you