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Penis size is one of those topics that will never go away. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the majority of modern men in the West favor larger over smaller. This hasn't always been the case. In ancient Greece, where homosexual relationships part of the mentoring process of free men, smaller penises were favored. (Do I have to explain why?) The idea that a penis needs to be "large" seems to have arisen primarily after the widespread availability of porn, in which well-endowed actors are (they tell me) featured. Most men probably have an unrealistic concept of what their penises should look like.

Of course, it's your penis that is in question, and if you think it is too small, then you don't care about the history of male sexual aesthetics. It helps to know the facts:

  • Any flaccid (non-erect) penis size over 4 cm, which is a little less than 2", is at least in the extremely short range of "normal". This is small. This is really small. Anything over 4 cm, however, isn't indicative of a penis-specific disease.
  • Normal penis length is 88 mm, about 3-1/2 inches, when flaccid, about 120 mm, or 5 inches, when erect. Any erection over 150 mm (6 inches) is unusual.
  • The penis can get buried in pubic fat. If you are morbidly obese, your penis may be of normal size but more or less "stuck" in the abdomen. It's still there. You just can't see it.
  • Certain drugs can cause penis shrinkage. The slang term for this phenomenon is "whizz-dick". It occurs with methamphetamine and cocaine abuse.

Shrinkage of the penis during exercise is a reflex reaction. The sympathetic nervous system sends blood to the core of the body when it needs it. This can be due to the stress of exercise, or to cold. Men with unusually high levels of cardiovascular fitness don't experience penis shrinkage because their hearts and blood vessels can handle the load.

After about age 40, hormone levels come into play. A man's body makes less testosterone as he ages. Fat cells (especially buttocks fat cells) make the problem worse by converting some or most of the testosterone into estrogen. This causes lower levels of cell replacement in the penis and testicles. These organs gradually shrink. In obese men, of course, the problem is compounded by the physical pressure of fat.

Men who have smaller penises due to their natural endowment, or obesity, or not being in really good cardiovascular shape, are of course more likely to notice they are smaller in the locker room. At this point it makes sense to do some rational thinking. If you aren't planning to use your penis with the guys in the locker room, exactly why would you care about their assessment of it? (And if that's the case, refer to the Greek ideal. You would be the one the Greeks preferred on top.) Use small penis as a reminder to work on your cardio, manage your cholesterol, and to get in better shape. If you just can't stand the teasing, go to a different gym.

Problems arise when the male organ stays small, or erectile function fails in the boudoir. If this happens, you may have a cardiovascular issues that needs to checked out by a doctor. You could have "low-T," low testerone levels. You could have packed on too much belly and buttocks fat. You could have a disease called hemochromatosis (which is more common in English-speaking countries) or a disease called beta-thalassemia (which is more common in the Middle East, Italy, Greece, and South Asia). These conditions cause the accumulation of iron which interferes with the way a substance called sex hormone transports testosterone in the bloodstream.

The bottom line is, if your penis is the size you want during sex, then work on your general health. If your penis is small all the time, you may have health issues you need to work out with the help of a doctor.

Usually it doesn't help to use any of the plethora of penis-enlargement products available over the counter, such as Xtens. However, if the problem is lack of available testosterone (due to age, obesity, or a combination of the two), then any product that contains the herb passionflower or its major plant chemical chrysin may help a little.

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