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For about almost a year now i have had these bumps around the base of my penis, they are in clusters, they have been increasing in number and in size(not significantly). They are slightly raised from the skin. I have looked all over the web on what they could be but haven't found anything that looks like them. The larger one that is on the shaft has seemed to stop growing. My doctor noticed it when i went to get an std test awhile back, said it didnt look like a wart but he wasnt sure. He said he would have to take a biopsy of it to see. But then got off the topic of stds. He wasnt able to see the little bumps since i wasnt shaved. Now since i have shaved they are more noticeable. I have still havent got an answer to what these bumps could be. I took a picture to show the bumps.

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there are called warts