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Hello all I am a 21 year old male. Months ago I used a "bad" razor on my pubic region and it got cut in various spots and then these bumps started forming. At first there were a bunch of them or varying sizes. Some small, some larger and some of them got what appeared to be like a white head on the top. Some, like one I currently have still there doesn't have any kind of head. It is just a red bump sitting there. Some have literally swollen up and ended up bursting and going away except for the marks left behind. I am not sure what this is but I have a dermatologist appt Tuesday anyways so I could ask her about them although it is rather embarrassing. I know that this is from the shaving and not from sex. I don't have unprotected sex and I haven't had sex in general since September and we were monogamous. I would like help identifying this fully, and have a picture attached of the area. It is of the pubic region so if you don't want to see and help then I suggest not even opening it up.

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Some of the red marks or bumps you see are just marks from stuff that was there. I would imagine these things have been there since August or September. The two big scar things are from these giant boil/pimples that came and were very painful and ended up bursting.


When you shave you peel off the top thin layer of your skin and skin in the pubic are is especially sensitive. At the am time you remove the protective oily cover that follicles secretes and that signals follicles to start producing more of that greasy substance, so that is why all the acne. And I'm afraid that some of your scars have gotten inflamed so dermatologist will probabbly will prescribe you some antibacterial cream.