Future parents are now able to discover the sex of their unborn baby just six weeks into pregnancy through a new testing kits being sold over the internet. The gender test costs £189.95 ($460) and is sent through the post. The postage includes everything that is needed to take a prick of blood from the mother and is then being sent back to the company’s lab for testing. The results can be obtained online or by post in a maximum of six business days. Couples are promised to get their money back if the kit wrongly predicts the sex of the child.

The kit is likely to fuel the controversy about the ethics of abortions as there are fears it could lead to parents resorting to abortions based solely on gender grounds. Pro-Life Campaign has already expressed their concerns about undermined human dignity.
They fear that the use of such practices could become a new form of eugenics.

DNA Worldwide, the marketing company, dismissed such claims saying that the kit “simply allowed parents more time to plan for their baby”.