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I started Yaz about a month ago. I went through the pack's pink (or active) pills and I started the pack the day I finished my period, as the doctor recommended for me. It worked fine-- no breakthrough bleeding or uncomfortable side-effects. I took the first white pill at the end of the pack (or inactive pill) and the day after I bled lightly. I took three days worth of white pills before jumping back onto the active pills.

I've taken four active pills since and I am still bleeding. It seems to be a medium flow and I'm not sure when it will stop.

The reason I went on the pill was to lighten, shorten, and lessen the intensity overall of my periods and I'm starting to think it's staying the same.

Please... Any feedback at all is MUCH appreciated.


Hi, I wouldn't worry too much about it, I went on Yaz and the first month it didn't work for me, it took the second month for it to start working, so just give your body some time to adjust to the hormones. But if you notice a lot of bleeding and it last for a long time then contact your doctor, and they can guide you into what you should do. But sometimes it can take three months before the pills begin to work properly. Hope everything works out soon.