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stomach cramps every time I eat bread

Answered by a doctor

Every time after eating bread I have pains in my stomach and I feel like its getting shocked what could be wrong.

by User avatar pmatlaila

TMJ & Gluten Allergy/Celiacs

Answered by a doctor

I have recently found out (over the last year) that my grandmother has Celiacs. After I found this out, I cut gluten out if my diet. I am also vegan, so I do not consume animal products of any kind. I have had TMJ since a hospital visit, when I was 17, for an ear infection turned out to be TMJ. It...

by User avatar happypetals42313603

Amlodipine besylate -- Does it contain gluten?

I need to know if this formulation of amlodipine contains gluten. I am celiac.

by User avatar Mary Jo Smith

Raw milk helps fight autoimmune conditions?

Hi, My younger sister is suffering from what now seems to ne celiac disease and she has been diagnosed with autism when she was 5. We are now waiting to get a definite test to confirm the celiac disease, but so far, things do seem better when she is on non-gluten diet. One interesting piece of...

by User avatar Guest

gluten free diet

Answered by a doctor

I am going to a methadone clinic and have been diagnosed with celiac sprue disease, so I am not supposed to have any gluten. Does anyone know if liquid methadone is gluten free?

by User avatar candymc5

Are really people with celiac disease more healthy than us?

Hi! I was wondering for a while. Are really people with celiac disease more healthy than us ? I mean, gluten is not bad just for people with celiac disease, gluten is bad for us too. But, we all know that humans these days consume a large variety of gluten, so those who have celiac disease are more...

by User avatar Darkangel2013355406

is there testing that can tell me if my baby has celiac too? I was diagnosed at 15 years of age

I was diagnosed with celiac at 15 years of age. Now i am almost 21 and had a baby. My question is, is there testing that can tell me if my baby has celiac too? What is the test and how early can you get it done?

by User avatar Guest

Does any one have a wheat allergy? If so, what do you eat and how often

Answered by a doctor

I have just been told I have a wheat allergy. Tests to see if I have Celiac's Disease. Does any one have a wheat allergy. if so what do you eat, and how often. How can I have a good sandwitch. Please tell me all you know.

by User avatar Renee483337360

Diagnosed with celiac disease, now I have mucus on the duodenum

i had mucus on the duodenum in a test i had and it is realted to celiac or is it? thank you

by User avatar jocelyn

On gluten free diet for 6 months, still have stomach distent

Answered by a doctor

I was diagnosed with Celiac in November 2009. I've been on a total gluten free diet and read labels carefully. My antiobody levels have dropped, which is great. However, I am still experiencing bloating (abdominal distention) and stomach gurgling. Can I assume this is still because my small...

by User avatar Guest