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amount of water that we should consume in our everyday life
depends on our weight or our work done ?
daily amount of water calculator shows that i should drink 5 glasses or 8 ounces of water per day.
it calculates based on my weight.

but what confused me was,
if i drank 5 glasses of water per day,
but i did not do heavy chores or
did not excretes the water that i drank much,
do the water that i drank accumulates in my body
thus making me fatter ?

p/s : sorry,my grammar is bad :'(
hoping somebody will helps me for this post btw.
thanks and take care in advance ^_______^


it is your metabolism and water does not make you fatter, the water is eliminated from organism not only with urine, but also with faeces and sweat. I think you drink water as much as your organism needs, do not worry about that


See as per the Naturopathi... Human body can accept aproxmately 1lt of water per 10kgs i.e always the amount of water what you can drink is subject ot your existing weight.

And the method of water drinking is, as whole night at least 6 to 7 hours(in our sleep), Water intake is not happend,So early morning human body can accumilate 1.5lt of water at a time. after one hour you can drink one more lt..

After that you can take aproxmately 1 glass of water (200Ml aprox), in each hour.

Note:: Drinking water before 10 to 30mins to eat any thing, especially your main course . after food also its better to follow same time intervel.

Drinking of water never make you fatter.