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I’ve been suffering from what seemed to be allergic reaction to almost any food, drink and even medication they gave me to relieve the symptoms. I’ve had several IgE blood tests to see if I’m allergic to almost 50 food and non-food substances, but the tests came negative. Even the stool test for gluten intolerance was negative, yet every time I ate something as simple as lettuce I’d get horrible reaction, from heartburn to headaches. I was given only omeprazole to help with the heartburn, but only recently my new doctor thinks I in fact might be having histamine intolerance. So far I was only given Zyrtec and Ranitidine and my diet is now limited to only few foods I’m already sick of. Is there anyone else suffering from histamine intolerance? What is your treatment?


Hi, Mike!  I am sorry to hear about your troubles! Did the doctors rule out the fact that it could be an autoimmune reaction?  I break out in hives and I take an antihistamine for it.  It keeps it at bay, for the most part.  We never could figure out what causes it, but I suspect stress has a lot to do with it because if I am having a bad day, I usually will break out across my neck with hives so bad, they ooze.  I wonder if your allergist could hit you with higher doses of antihistamines until you get your allergies under control?  That is what they did with me, and now I am down to two doses of ranitidine a day and cyproheptadine at night.

Is there others who have trouble controlling their allergic reactions?  What do you do for them?