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I have coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis. I am also diabetic, have high blood pressure and hypothyroid so I have to take medication for these conditions but I am worried that the medications I am taking contain gluten and would like to find a site that list all medications that contain gluten so I can check my meds and get it change to ones that don't . I hope you can help me I thank you very much .

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Hello there! You do have a lot of going on, don’t you? If you don’t manage to find a full list of gluten-free medications, you will have to do the research on your own by looking on the net or by calling a manufacturer.
I know that many cough medicines don’t have any labels and they do contain gluten. When you check for ingredients you should always check for the ingredients of the brand you are using and not generic drug.
There is a difference between food and medications labeling. Drugs labels could be found on the manufacturer’s site, package insert or in the Physicians Desk Reference. Like I said before, if the ingredient listing doesn’t provide you with beneficial info ( you can’t figure out if the ingredients contain gluten or not), then you need to look for extra info and call manufacturer and ask directly.

Remember that while generic drug may not contain gluten, brand kinds could and vise versa so you always have to be careful about that.
It is always best to work with your doctor and a pharmacist when deciding if the drug contains gluten or not. You may not be able to deal with it on your own.

You should also know, and it is quite possible that you already do, that most foods that say gluten-free may not be gluten free at all. In one of the studies conducted, it was found that 15% of the gluten-free foods still contained gluten. Most of the gluten reached the foods by cross-contamination during processing. So, you never can tell for sure.

Here is a partial list of gluten-free drugs. You may find it useful: