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Future moms are craving for information about their pregnancy, especially if they are expecting their first baby, or still trying to conceive. There are a number of mobile apps that provide moms-to-be with high quality information and helpful tools.

Pregnancy is the most exciting and joyful period in your life, but it can also be stressful and terrifying, especially if you're expecting your first baby. You are full of questions and worries about the outcome of the pregnancy and the health of your baby. 

Numerous mobile apps made finding useful pregnancy information and support much easier. One of the most important things that every future mom should do is monitoring and tracking their pregnancy from the first day. That's why pregnancy tracker apps are also important, showing how your baby develops, but how your body changes as well.Tracker apps are also useful to women who are trying to conceive, helping them keep track of their fertile days.

Many other apps can be of great help to future moms and those women who want to get pregnant, providing them with useful information and tools. Here, we list some of the best pregnancy apps available for iPhone and Android devices.

Ovia Pregnancy and Baby Tracker App

Ovia Pregnancy is probably the best known and most popular pregnancy app available for both Android and iPhone. It's a tracker app that allows you to log and monitor your progress on a daily basis, including your weight, sleep, moods and symptoms.  The app uses data science and your daily information to provide personalized plans and milestones for each user, as well as feedback on your symptoms.
Ovia app contains more than 2000 pregnancy articles, tools and tips to support users throughout their pregnancy.
Personal highlights of this app are ability to receive critical health alerts for pregnancy risks based on analysis of user's data, ability to perform medication and food safety lookup, and to participate in safe, supportive community where users can ask important questions regarding their pregnancy.

Our score: 98%
Links: Android, iOS

Sprout Pregnancy App

Sprout Pregnancy app is another pregnancy tracker for Android and iPhone that guides women through every day of their pregnancy. The app also educates them about the changes that happen in their body and for their growing baby, using the help of stunning 3D baby visuals.
Sprout Pregnancy app also includes personalized pregnancy timeline, checklists for upcoming tasks and to-dos, and many useful tools, including weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer.
Many of these features are available only if you purchase Plus version for $3.99. However, the app offers 14-day trial for free.
Sprout Pregnancy is terrific pregnancy app that features high quality 3D models, helpful medical information, checklists, tools , as well as personalized timelines , providing guidance to pregnant women though all stages of their pregnancy.

Our score: 93%
Links: Android, iOS

OB Wheels App

Many future moms have trouble estimating their pregnancy due date, mostly because not being sure of their last period. While this isn't a reason to worry, being able to calculate the exact gestational age is very important for providing better prenatal care. 
Primary care providers and OB/GYNs are usually those who help pregnant women estimate their due date, with the help of obstetric (OB) wheels, also known as pregnancy wheels or gestational calculators.
These OB wheels are small circle-shaped calendars, made of paper or plastic, that use the last menstrual period as a starting point to help determine the due date. However, traditional OB wheels have been slowly replaced by electronic versions made exclusively for mobile devices.
There are many OB wheels mobile apps, but one is certainly more prominent than others. It is OB Wheels, a free app for iPhone and iPad devices, made to resemble traditional paper wheels, with all their options.
However, traditional OB wheel is a bit clunky on mobile screen, making otherwise straightforward and easy-to-use OB Wheels app bit complicated to use. Also, app isn't available for Android users, who need to look elsewhere to find electronic replacement for their traditional OB wheel.

Our score: 85%
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Kindara Fertility & Ovulation App

Kindara is another fertility tracker app that focuses more on general aspects of reproductive health. It helps women to more thoroughly understand their body and cycle, in order to help them get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, to manage perimenopause or other health conditions such as PCOS. 
The app accurately predicts fertile days, ovulation and menstruation using calendar and fertility chart that can be shared with practitioner for better care.
Women can use Kindara app to get feedback and support from other members of Kindara community.
To make charting faster and easier, users can pair Kindara app with sophisticated and wireless Basal Body Temperature Thermometer, named Wink.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

Contraction Timer 9m App

Timing contractions is important to determine whether labor is occurring and if you are able to tell your OB/GYN the exact timing of your contractions, this information can help them determine if it's time for you to go to the hospital.

Many future moms use stopwatch, or rarely pen and paper, which is inconvenient once the contractions became more frequent. 
Timing contractions using mobile apps is a lot easier.  However, many contraction timing apps for both iPhone and Android devices fall flat when it comes to functionality.
One of the apps that excels is Contraction Timer 9m that keeps track of contractions in simple manner. It allows users to tap a button at the start and at the end of each contraction. Contraction Timer then analyzes duration and frequency of contractions and sends notifications to users when it's time to go to the hospital.
Unfortunately, Contraction Timer 9m is only available for iPhone, so Android users will have to seek for other solutions.

Our score: N/A
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Preconception Care App

Preconception healthcare is one of the most important aspects of women's health that somehow remains overlooked.  It focuses on all things that women who plan to have a baby should do before and between pregnancies in order to increase their chances of having a healthy baby.
Every woman should talk to their doctor about preconception healthcare, especially before getting pregnant. However, many women remain not informed and not properly counseled about actions they could do to prepare for pregnancy.
This is the reason why US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) created Preconception Care medical app with a goal to support the integration of preconception care into comprehensive primary care, and optimize the health of women of reproductive age.
Preconception Care app is aimed at primary care providers, since they play an essential role in preconception healthcare. However, patients can also use this amazing medical app which provides them with plethora of useful resources. 

Our score: 87%
Links: Android, iOS

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