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Overall value:
78 pts
Sober Time app helps people who are on the journey of recovery track how long they have been sober and quit alcoholism, smoking, substance and drug abuse, and other addictions.


Free, with the ability to purchase various upgrades
90 pts
App Interface Usability
Clean and easy-to-use, however intrusive ads ruin the experience
71 pts
Multimedia Usage
The app includes images and allows adding own photos
83 pts
Real World Usability
Useful sobriety tracker, ruined by wrong ad placements
68 pts

In the United States, millions of people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. In 2015, an estimated 1 in 12 Americans was in need of substance abuse treatment.

Many don't seek care due to various factors, such as fear of losing their job, no insurance coverage, etc. Those who decide to seek help, know that the battle doesn't end once they achieve sobriety. Maintaining sobriety after leaving an addiction treatment center is just as difficult as achieving it in the first place.

Luckily, there are many recovery options patients can choose from once they leave the care center, such as local community programs, support groups, and meetings.

There's another tool that can help patients recover from drug or alcohol abuse they can carry around in their pocket – their smartphone. Smartphone gives people 24/7 access to support and addiction treatment and recovery resources thanks to numerous mobile apps they can install on it.

Tracking recovery process is of the utmost importance for people trying to stay sober. That's why recovery apps are important.
They are made to provide convenient and practical tools, resources and support to help people in the recovery process.

They can help patients track their personal sober time, monitor triggers and emotions, keep a virtual journal, find and share meetings, connect with peers who are also on the journey of recovery and others who understand what you are going through, receive daily inspirations, contact sponsor, share success, and more.

The app we review today called Sober Time helps people who are on the journey of recovery track how long they have been sober and quit addictions like alcoholism, smoking, or substance and drug abuse.

Staying anonymous is an important part of recovery journey and Sober Time app respects that. Upon starting the app, you won't be asked to create an account.

The app opens to the Welcome screen where the users will be asked to start by adding their addiction. Sober Time app allows users to track as many addictions as they want, so you'd be able to add them separately. But first, start with the one that bothers you the most.

Tap on the plus icon and add your addiction. There's no list with a predefined set of values so you can add anything, from smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse to less serious addictions, such as social networks, fast food or TV. You don't need to be specific when naming the addiction, so it can be even a code name.

Next, you need to add a heading that can be in a form of text (by default it's: "I have been clean for:"), next goal or money saved, depending on which one of these is the most important to you.

Then, you need to define display mode, i.e. what will be shown on the display, such as summary, total sobriety time (in days, weeks, hours, etc.), whole days, money savings, etc. Again, this depends on what matters the most to you.

Finally, you'd be able to set the "clean date" with time for the day you started your journey to the recovery.

When all is set, the Home screen will be displayed showing the data and information for the particular addiction you've chosen along with the daily motivational message. You can switch between addictions by tapping each at the bottom of the screen.

Below the screen, there's a control bar you can use to view and edit the details. Here, you can change the display background by choosing one of the existing nature photos or adding your own, you can reset the data or delete it completely, view your stats, and share your progress.

There is also Goals section with the list of the achievements that unlock after a particular period of time. For example, 'First five minutes' will be unlocked after five minutes of setting the addiction in the app, 'Day One' after 24 hours, 'Staying Strong' after 3 days, and so on.
The app would send notifications when each goal is achieved, which is a nice way to motivate users to keep going. Users can also add their own goals to the list.

Sobriety is much easier with a company of others. This is why Sober Time app also includes a community page with thousands of members where users can read, ask questions, or discuss anything related to sobriety, recovery, and addiction, and stay motivated and inspired.

The app also allows and encourages users to share their progress with friends and family, as well as to add phone number of their sponsor they could reach in the time of need.

The app is also linked to Sober Trend clothing allowing users to visit their website and purchase the shirt with a motivational message printed on it.

As I said at the beginning of the review, Sober Time app doesn't require users to register an account, however, they can create a password to protect their information.

Sober Time app has a clean design and straightforward and easy-to-use interface. However, there's one drawback, but so huge that it would make the user experience frustrating.

Intrusive ads will keep popping up every 30-45 seconds, covering the whole screen for five seconds, preventing you from using the app and shut the ad down.

As I said, this is a huge drawback that would be a put-off for many users who like their user experience (UX) to be undisturbed and flowing.

The app offers an in-app purchase for $3.99 that removes the ads, however, that's too pricey (even the bundle purchase for $5.99 that also unlocks widgets and fonts), because the app doesn't offer anything revolutionary or spectacular. It's just tracker app, and that's all.  
So, if you don't mind intrusive ads (small, discreet ads at the bottom of the screen would be a better solution), you can give Sober Time app a try. 

Overall, it's a nice tracker app that would help you track your sobriety and stay motivated on your journey to recovery from various types of addictions.

Benefit: People recovering from the addictions may use this app to track their sobriety


  • Clean design with easy to use interface
  • Ability to track various addictions separately
  • Daily notifications and notifications when users reach a goal
  • Active community to help users stay motivated
  • Intrusive ads that keep popping up covering the whole screen
  • Ad-free in-app purchase is too pricey

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