I wish I found this website way sooner. I had a hemmorhoidectomy 12 days ago. I had my first BM two days after with much pain and strain (I was afraid of anal stenosis). From Day 2-4, my BMs were negligible. They were either pencil stools or small dime-sized ones. But they were also produced with much straining. 

On Day 5, I was able to release all the bowels I felt have been impacted since the surgery. I was only able to do so because I ate a ton of fruits and I just decided to poop on my sitz bath (with much pushing). Otherwise it would have been too painful. Day 6, I think I cleaned out further and passed 4 BMs, all significantly-sized due to the fiber I've been eating. Day 7-8, I had 2 BMs a day. Day 9, I had 1. And Day 10, I had 1 but it didn't feel like I released EVERYTHING like I felt from days 5-9. All these satisfying BMs were produced by sitting on the sitz bath and then pushing so so hard (think childbirth). I only went when I felt I had to, but even when they're almost out, I have to push REALLY hard to get the entire thing out!  

Since yesterday, I've been trying to poop "normally", meaning not in the sitz bath and with no pushing. But I can't! I only feel like they're all gone if I strain really hard, like childbirth. Otherwise they come out in small chunks. 

I thought hemmorhoidectomy should make pooping easier? Why does it feel so much harder? Will it ever get easier? Will I be able to poop in a toilet again instead of a sitz bath? And am I doing more damage by pushing? I feel heavy and constipated if i dont!  

My anus doesn't look good. I don't know if it's swelling, new hemms, or skin tags developing, but it doesnt look normal. How long will it take to look normal? 


Also, the week following my op, my urine was completely normal. After doing the sitz bath several times a day for 6 days, urinating started to hurt and my urine now has all these little dark particles. I'm also experiencing a dark brown vaginal discharge. I read up a bit and I think bacteria from my feces might by going up my uretha when I do sitz baths. This is why I want to stop sitz-bathing. Anyone else got UTI from sitz-bathing?